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How to create a promotional video that engages in 2018: 10 must-follow tips at the pre-production stage

Video content is a trend in digital marketing in 2018. But to create a promotional video just to have any promotional video content is not agood idea. It must be really effective and creative, otherwise you will spend your budget and time without any profit.

In order to get more impressions and leads with your video, use the following tips:
1. Set a purpose of a video. Presentation of the company is not the main goal, basically it is a tool. To make a masterpiece of cinematography is not a goal of your business, as well. The main purpose of your video is to reach some marketing goals. So, before you start to design a creative brief and a story outline, identify for which funnel stage you want to create your marketing video.
2. Speak to your audience the same language that your audience speaks. To understand who
your marketing personas are is not enough. In your video use situations and a language that your target audience can perceive and correlate with their own life. When audience feels that you really understand their needs, their loyalty increases and, consequently, you sell more.
3. Keep your promo video no longer than 1-2 minutes. Users scroll their timeline fast and briefly. Furthermore, you must compete with the loads of bright and littering information. Your video, for sure, contains really important information, but if it’s overextended and doesn’t have a catchy beginning, no one will definitely watch it. Thus, convey your message in the first 30 seconds and remember about equation between video length and viewer engagement.
4. Do not merge several topics in one promo video. As you are limited in time, do not confuse your audience and focus on a strong single message and elaborate only one topic in one video. For example, if you are going to launch a new product and want to offer discounts for old ones, made two separate promo videos for each marketing activity.
5. Promo video must encourage your audience to cooperate with you. The best way to urge them is to include a Call to Action in the video. You can offer your audience to subscribe your channel, start a free trial, to visit your web-site etc.
6. Create a dynamic marketing video. Modern people have ‘clip thinking’, thus, static scenes make them press ‘stop’. To avoid distraction from your message, change decorations, scenes and actions in your marketing video, use props andmusical accompaniment. And do not forget to spice your promotional video with humor, if it is appropriate.
7. Make a detailed script. Try to create a precise script, not just a general outline. Thus, when you start video production, you will follow the plan accurately and won’t forget to mention important things. Thus, your idea will be expressed convincingly and strongly.
8. Do not push your audience. Though, promo videos are supposed to encourage your target audience to purchase your products or services, you shouldn’t demonstrate your brand and logo too annoyingly. Even if your customers are loyal, when they feel that you are trying to suppress them and impose your product with the video, they will decide to search a company that gives them freedom to choose.
9. Create mobile-friendly promo video. If you are going to distribute your marketing video on various Internet platforms, keep in mind that more than a half of the Internet users connect to the Internet via their mobile phones. And they often watch them in noisy places or on silent auto-play mode.
10. Ask professionals. You can create your promo video with the free services, but they are rather limited in tools and creative ideas. Meanwhile, users forget ‘one-size-fits-all’ content after a couple of minutes as they need high-quality and creative content. To meet their expectations, use professional tools and consultancy. Thus, your promo will always stand out.

By : iCon Studio